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Self-Portrait Attempt by TeapotTritium Self-Portrait Attempt by TeapotTritium
Yes, a self-portrait attempt.
And yes I do got dark rings under my eyes that are visible.

I bet your wondering what those marks are on my cheek, nose, and lip?

Well, those are all scars that I have gotten.

Nose - caused from when my little brother was playing with a croquet mallet and it slipped hitting me in the nose. My nose broke but I was wearing my glasses which saved my eye but cut into my nose giving the scar. Took 3 stitches to fix it.

Lip & Cheek - caused when I was almost 2 years old and I was sitting on my mom's lap in the Semi-truck with my dad driving. A hawk crashed into the windshield and sliced my cheek open and nicked my lip. Took 12 stitches to fix it.

I think I'm gonna do that scar meme I've been seeing since I got quite I few more scars. (What is strange is that all of them are on my left side for some reason.)

I swear I think my drawing style with my tablet has changed a bit since I drew that picture "Is There Salvation for Me?"

It's a bit more sketchy like the way I draw with paper.
Also, I've noticed my coloring style has changed a bit too.
I'm not using the dodge/burn tool as my main way of adding shading and brightness.

I really want some good critiques on my slight style change.
Artwork (c) me!
Me is me~!
wered Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool //_^
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